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Individual Competitions Registration
* denotes required input
Contact Information
Note: The contact information below will be used by the Competition Administrator to send information (such as confirmation) regarding the competition to the contestant. The contact person can a parent, a teacher, a coach or the contestant registered who would like to receive the information directly.
* Name :
* Email :
* Phone :
Competition Information
Note: The cost of each competition category is $5.
* Competition Division :
* Competition Category :
Note 1: The Competition Class is based on the contestant’s individual language ability (not based on the contestant’s family background or birth of origin). Please be sure you read the Competition Information carefully before signing up.
Note 2: If music is required, the contestant who registered for Chinese Singing or Talent Show can bring their own musical instruments (a piano will be available on the stage for use), or upload your music file before the March 4, 2019 registration deadline. For Talent show, please upload music to . And for Chinese Singing, please upload music to
Note 3: The contestant who registered for Chinese Bridge must also register for Public Speech and Individual Talent Show or Individual Chinese Singing at the same time.
Contestant Information :  (Please enter accurate contestant information)
* First Name :
* Last Name :
Chinese Name :
* Birthday :
* Academic School:
* Email :
Extracurricular School :
* Grade :
Do you participate in Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program?          
Note: If the student participates in Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program he/she is eligible for scholarships to cover their entrance fee to the competition. If you select Yes, please download the Fee Waiver form from Schedule and Guidelines page to apply.
Registration Payment

Starting from 2015 going forward, we will only be providing Paypal payment option for paying registragtion fee online. However if you are eligible for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, the Fee Waiver option is available to you.

Registration Fee:


  1. If you need to go back to previous input screen, please use the Previous button above instead of browser's Back button.
  2. For the student participates in Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, you are eligible for scholarships to cover your entrance fee to the competition. Please select Fee Waiver for payment and mail the completed Fee Waiver form within 10 days of registration and before the registration deadline. The Fee Waive form can be downloaded from this link.
  3. Please click Return to Cultural Exploration of Greater China link from within Paypal site after you have completed Paypal transaction.
Registration Completion

Thanks for your payment. Please click the button below to complete your registration.