CE Status August 2016

Dear CE friends,

We’d like to share with you some great stories and a key step for the CE organization.

First we want to thank everyone for helping CE contribute to the Seattle community over the last 16 years. Year after year we have seen many fun and successful activities. The 2015-16 season was even better: a terrific Tour (August ‘15), a fun luncheon (September ’15), a cool joint teacher event with World Affairs Council (February ’16), and another super-successful Language & Talent Competition (March ’16). None of these would have been possible without your support, hundreds of volunteers donating their time, and many donors’ generous funding.

In the past 16 years, Mainland China has transformed into one of the world's top business and tourist destinations. Taiwan has further focused on quality of life and recently elected the first female president in Chinese history. It is an exciting time with new opportunities and challenges.

It is also time to turn the page and hand the baton to new teams with new ideas. The CE Board has decided to "wrap up" the operations of Cultural Exploration of Greater China (CE) effective immediately, and welcomes proposals from interested parties to pick up one or both of the two key events:

  1. the Language & Talent Competition
  2. the Greater China Teachers Tour

We know there are many great teams that can take these ideas to new heights, and will keep our community informed when such transitions materialize.

Cultural Exploration is a never-ending endeavor. We live it every day. As we close this CE chapter, we look forward to working with our new friends on the next chapters, to be written.

We’d also like to invite you to join us in reflecting on this journey a bit:

On a rainy Seattle night 16 years ago, a group of highly motivated parents got together to discuss how to improve our school teachers' understanding of Chinese culture, not only to help teachers better engage their Chinese and Chinese-American students, but also to help them share such insights with children and parents of all cultural backgrounds. That led to 16 years of CE Tours which have sponsored 56 teachers to tour Greater China, involving many donors, volunteers (in the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China), and host families -- all leading to a great experience for the teachers who have in turn shared with their students/colleagues.

Fast forward 8 years, many of the same volunteers started an event to help make learning Chinese fun. The annual Language & Talent Competition has averaged 400-500 students (representing many cultural origins) supported by 100+ volunteers, each year. This has been made possible with the great co-sponsorship with CLTA-WA (Chinese Language Teachers Association - Washington), the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, and Chief Sealth International High School. We have all enjoyed the vibrant, fun, and inspiring performances and competitions.

Over the years the CE community raised $300K+ of donations plus easily as much value-in-kind contributions, not to mention the thousands of man-hours each year to fund-raise, plan, communicate, coordinate, and execute these two events well, and improve year on year. The CE community has delivered great value to the Seattle community, while rewarding each and every donor and volunteer with a heart-warming experience.

CE has been a great community effort – one that was ignited by the sparks from our two founders Susan Yen and Kathy Chen, and our last CEO, Sandy Teng. We want to say an Extra Special Thank You to them. Also, a special call-out goes to Jimmy Jou who has labored many days and nights to deliver the new CE Web site including tools to automate the Competition and Tour’s selection processes. What a great run!

The Cultural Exploration of Greater China Foundation (CE) 2015-16 Board members:

  • Alice Britt
  • Tina Chang
  • Ben Chao
  • Kathy Chen (founder)
  • T.R. Fu (Chair 2015-16)
  • J.J. Lee
  • Sandy Teng
  • Nancy Webster
  • Susan Yen (founder)

2000 - 2016 Mission:

Cultural Exploration and Language-learning in multiple dimensions
  • 有效的傳達 - Communication
  • 文化的交流 - Cultures
  • 聯繫和交接 - Connections
  • 教學的比較 - Comparisons
  • 社區的支持 - Communities
  • 協助教師,鼓勵學生,服務社區 - For Teachers, Students & the Community
For Teachers
China Tour expands teaching curriculum

Each year we provide Seattle area teachers an opportunity to explore Chinese culture by visiting China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This program provides opportunities to meet Chinese school teachers, educators, parents and students.

Since 2000, over 40 teachers have taken these cultural exploration trips. Noted by many past participants, the informal interactions with Chinese people allowed them to gain a greater understanding of modern China and Chinese culture - a perspective can never be provided by any textbooks.

It enriches China-related subjects and brings a new dimension to school curriculum. This program is for teachers of all grade levels (K-12) in all subject areas. Please visit our web-site on application details.

協助美國教師 - 增廣教學領域


利用這個難得的機會,美國教師們和中國民間團體,教師,家長,學生們互動。 讓他們對中華文化歷史以及現代中國有一個更正確的了解,對在美的華裔有一個更客觀的認識。

For Students
Chinese Language & Talent Competition enhances learning experience

Many schools in Washington State provide Chinese language learning opportunities. Yet there are few opportunities for Chinese language teachers and learners to connect and compare.

The Annual Chinese Language & Talent Competition brings them together. It showcases learning results, compares learning experiences while allowing the participants to enjoy many culture-rich and fun-filled events.

As a community-based non-profit organization, Cultural Exploration of Greater China is proud to champion this initiative and becomes one of the key sponsors of this meaningful annual event.

鼓勵學生 - 互相學習




For the Community
A Resource Center - where East Meets West

Leveraging Cultural Exploration tours and Chinese Language & Talent Competition activities, we are in a position to provide additional resources to connect the communities.

This includes coordinating Chinese visiting educators with American schools; offering Chinese cultural seminars and workshops to assist school curriculum; sharing China-related curriculum with teachers that have not had the opportunities to take the Cultural Exploration tours.

Together with a web-based repository, we hope to establish a resource center where East meets West!

服務社區 - 福澤鄉里 - 融合東西




For Students
For Students
For Teachers
For Teachers
For the Community
For the Community