Feature Journey: Camilla Schulte 2015
Camilla Schulte, Carl Sandburg Elementary, Lake Washington, Library, Grade K-5, 2015
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  • Author: Camilla Schulte
  • School: Carl Sandburg Elementary, Lake Washington,
  • Subject: Library
  • Grade: K-5
  • Trip Year: 2015
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My name is Camilla Schulte and I am an elementary librarian in the Lake Washington School District. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to visit China in the 2015 CE tour and am very grateful that the Cultural Exploration of Greater China made this possible.

I grew up in South Texas and satisfied my wanderlust by becoming a voracious reader. I traveled a bit as I became older, but focused mainly on my studies. I have a Bachelor in English Teaching and a Masters of Library and Informational Science. Once in my library classroom, I discovered a passion for not only connecting my students with quality stories that both inform and entertain them, but also for engaging students through new multimedia, book talks, and creating videos using a green screen. I also endeavor to make the worlds of stories come alive by frequently wearing costumes and creating fun, interactive displays.

One of the best ways students can expand their perspectives is to read the story of another child from another culture. I am currently working to extend our collection to include culturally diverse children's literature. I would love to augment their reading experiences with real-life information I have learned firsthand through your program.

When I heard about this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to apply because it directly aligns with my goals. I want to be connected with like-minded colleagues so that I can continue to have meaningful discussion about celebrating multicultural differences inside the classroom. I feel that incorporating Chinese culture will enrich the curriculum and help my students to make cross-cultural connections with their peers at school and around the world.

When I am not teaching or reading, I enjoy trying out new recipes, hiking, and running. I have run a few half-marathons, and this year I am running the 200-mile Ragnar Relay with a team of twelve. Recently I also discovered two new passions; I have learned how to make and edit videos and I am taking pottery classes, where I learn wheel-throwing and hand-building.

I feel that most of what I do when I’m not teaching always helps center me when I come back to the classroom. I will always keep searching for new ways to engage and enlighten my students, which is why I am so honored and excited for this marvelous travel experience.