Networking Communities
Leveraging our Chinese Language and Talent Competition events and Cultural Explroation Tours, CE facilitates cultural exploration activities by networking communities in the Pacific Northwest, China, Hong-Kong, and Taiwan.
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  • Meet our volunteers & host families. Contact us to explore cultural exchange activities.
Suggestions and Feedback
Many thanks to our 2014 Tour particopating teachers that gave us valuable suggestions from their experiences. Their suggestions can be found in this document.

In February, Coleen, CE 2013 Tour participating teacher, invited CE's director T.R. to her Art Classroom Open House. It was quite an experience for T.R. and CE. T.R. wrote up this trip report. Enjoy!

During CE annual luncheon, 2014 Tour participating teachers presented their experience in this PowerPoint Deck. 2014 talent competition participant, Nat, a 6th grader from Mercer International Middle School, told a story captured in this PowerPoint presentation.
Meet the CE Community and Volunteers
Jimmy Jou - New Web Architect
Riding on the belief that ‘the satisfaction of participating in volunteer work is priceless’, Jimmy has brought one of his expertise to CE web site. Working with CE webmaster, Yvette Lee, and other CE core teams, Jimmy has redesigned CE web site with functions that are not only easy for site maintenance and navigation, but also streamlining the online process for tour application and talent competition registration. Thank you Jimmy for expanding our horizon!

J. J. Lee - New CE Board Director
A bridge engineer by training, J. J. is currently an adjunct professor at St. Martin’s University teaching Mechanics of Materials, Steel Structure Design and Structural Dynamics. On weekends, he teaches Grade 9-12 students at the Olympia Chinese School. As a teacher and past principal of the Olympia Chinese School, J. J. brought with him his passion and broad experience in Chinese Language and Cultural education. He is a great addition to the CE family.

T. R. Fu - New CE Board Director
T.R is an IBM distinguished engineer and lead architect for Industry Solutions. He leads a world-wide software team and travels frequently to visit IBM's clients, partners, and development labs across the globe. With his recent focus on the Growth Market countries such as China, India, and Singapore, T.R. offers extensive knowledge touring various regions of China that will greatly enhance our Cultural Exploration Tours.

CE Board of Directors and Officers
  • Director of Student Affairs: Kathy Chen
  • Student Language & Talent Competition Co-Chair: Pollyanna Wang
  • Student Language & Talent Competition Co-Chair: J. J. Lee
  • Director of Teacher Affairs: Anthony Chen
  • CE Teacher Tour Chair: Susan Yen
  • CE Teacher Selection Chair: Robert Tung
  • CE Teacher Relations Chair: T. R. Fu
  • Board Chair: Sandy Teng
  • Treasurer: Lichiou Lee

Stephen Pan – Our China Facilitator
Stephen lives with his family in Tacoma, Washington. While working in Beijing in 2012 & 2013, he volunteered as the tour facilitator for CE.

Jerry Liu – Our Shanghai Host

Check out the picture of our 2013 CE Tour with Jerry’s three-generation family. This is letter from Jerry: “Hello, my name is Bolun "Jerry" Liu, son of Amy Zhang. I will be one of the host family members in Shanghai during your China trip. It has been my privilege to write this email to you. I am an upcoming sophomore student in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Aerospace and Occupational Safety.

I am so happy that my family became the host family for the Shanghai part. During the trip in Shanghai, I will also show you my old middle school, Shangde Experimental School. I graduated from there, where I have my best memories.

Taiwan Facilitator – Suya Chuang

Suya is a long time CE core team member, she coordinated and led many CE tours in the past few years. Suya lives in Issaquah, she teaches and substitutes K-12 classes in the greater Seattle area.

Taipei Host Family: Color & Ru Rong Lee

Color & Ru Rong enriched the Taipei visit with many artistic and cultural experiences. As the chairperson of the Taiwan Museum Friends Association, Ru-Rong arranged a special visit to the famed National Palace Museum.

Kite Master – Buteo Huang

As a world renowned Kite maker, Buteo Huang designed over 2,000 kites from flat kites to intricate train kites that require several assistants to fly. 2013 CE teachers were fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Master Huang’s kite gallery and flew many beautiful kites on a windy summer day in Taipei.