Date and Location 举办日期/地点
Date 日期:
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Competition Time:8:30am – 2:30pm
Awards Ceremony:2:30pm - 3:30pm
(Please see "Schedule 比赛时间表" on the right hand panel for detailed event schedule.)

Location 地点:
Chief Sealth International High School
2600 SW Thistle Street
Seattle, WA 98126

Awards 奖励:
All contestants can pick up a commemorate gift at the assignment center on the same day for their participation in the competition. The top three in each competition will receive scholarships ($50 for individual contestants and $100 for team contestants) and awards from the World Languages Division of the OSPI.

In addition, each of the top three winners of the “Chinese Bridge” Qualifying Tournament will receive a trophy, and each of the top two will receive a full scholarship to participate in the Chinese Bridge Competition Preliminary in California.

The awards ceremony will be held at the auditorium of the Chief Sealth International High School at 2:30pm on the day of the competition. Families and friends in the community are welcome to attend the awards ceremony.

Registration Information
Registration Deadline 报名截止日期:
Monday, March 4, 2019 The registration is first-come-first-serve. No late application will be accepted.

Registration 报名方法:
To register, please click on the tag “2019 Registration” under “Language & Talent Competition” at

Participants will receive an automatic confirmation by email upon completing the registration process. Please bring a copy of this confirmation email to the competition for check-in.

Registration Fee 报名费:
Registration fee is $5 per person per number of competitions (individual or team) entered (entering one competition is $5, two will be $10, three will be $15, so on and so forth). The registration fee must be paid on-line by using PayPal when registering.

Please note that the registration fee can be waived for participants on subsidized school meal plans. To apply, please download the form "Fee Waiver 减免报名费" on the right hand panel for details.)

Withdrawal 取消报名:
If the cancellation is made before the registration deadline (March 4, 2019), the registration fee will be refunded after deducting 40% of the handling fee. If the cancellation is made after the registration deadline (March 4, 2019), it will not be refunded.

Competition Class 比赛分级:
Please note that Individual Language-Based competitions (i.e. Individual Poetry Recitation/ 个人诗歌朗诵, Story Telling/说故事 and Public Speaking/演讲) are divided into the following three subcategories according to the student’s language level (rather than the student's family background). These competitions are offered to learners who speak Chinese as a second language. If you are from a native-speaking country, and you still use Chinese as your first language, please do not sign up for these competitions.

  • Class A: A contest of this level is for students who have advanced Chinese proficiency (or the first-place winner in a Class B contest from last year). They already accurately grasp the Chinese pronunciation and can use Chinese skillfully. Such students may have lived or vacationed in a country that uses Chinese and they have opportunity to communicate or learn in Chinese outside the classroom with other people (such as parents or relatives).

    Note: The winners of the first place in the class A contests from last year can NOT sign up for the same competition. (No one will subject to this rule in the current registration for 2019 competition because no competition was held in 2017 or 2018.)

  • Class B: A contest of this level is for learners who have moderate Chinese proficiency (or the first-place winner in the class C contest from last year). Students competing at this level are well-spoken in Chinese, but they are still interfered by factors such as mother tongue or dialect in words or pronunciation.

  • Class C: A contest of this level is for students who are beginners in Chinese proficiency. We encouraged those to compete at this level if they are not yet proficient in using Chinese to do daily conversations and find Chinese oral presentation a big challenge.

***Please note that the judges have the authority of promoting students in the Class B or C contests whose Chinese language skills are much higher than the level’s expectation to compete again at a higher level and the scores that they have earned at the previous level will be voided. Please kindly respect judges’ decisions. The list of students who are promoted to compete in Class A or B will be posted at the administration office. Please be sure to check the list after completion of the contest.

*** If a student is not sure about which level of competition to register for, please consult with their Chinese language teachers or the event organizer whose Contact Information is provided at the end of this guide.

“Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students” Qualifying Tournament「汉语桥高中生中文比赛」资格赛 (New)

The qualifying Tournament is limited to high school students (Grades 9-12) and they must be enrolled in all the following three high-school-level contests. The winners will be determined based on the total scores accumulated in all the three contests.

  • Individual Talent Show (才艺竞赛) and/or Individual Chinese Singing (中文歌唱). (The higher scores of the two will be used in the total if a student participated in both categories).

  • Public Speaking, Class A or B 演讲比赛 (A 级 或 B 级).

  • All about China Test 中国国情知识测验: This test is specially set up for the " Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition” Qualifying Tournament. Its content and competing format is different from that of the China Knowledge Bowl (中国常识竞答). It is a written test completely in Chinese and it covers Chinese history, language, culture and the national conditions of China. The link to the test range can be found in the panels located on the right of the web page for this competition.

Competition Restriction 比赛资格限制
  • Any individual or group who had won the first place in a contest before (except the China Knowledge Bowl) needs to take one year’s gap before signing up for the same contest at the same level. The participants of the China Knowledge Bowl are not under this restriction, which is to say, they can sign up at the same level under the same grade range regardless of their places in the past. Individuals or groups who won the first place are encouraged to participate in a higher-level contest. For example: winners of the Class B Language contests can participate in a Class A Language contest; or the Grades K-2 winners may take the challenge to participate in the Grades 3-5 contest and so on.

    Note: Since this competition was not held in 2017 and 2018, this restriction does not apply to the current competition which is scheduled for 2019; this is to say, all the winners of the first place in the previous years can participate in the contests of the same category in the current registration.

  • The previous winners who received the full scholarships for attending the Preliminary of the Chinese Bridge Competition in California are not eligible to participate in the qualifying tournament again.

  • In a team competition, students from a lower-grade level can join the team at a higher grade level, i.e. Grades K-2 students can join a Grades 3-5 team, but not vice versa, i.e. Grades 3-5 students cannot join a Grades K-2 team.

  • The competition of Chinese Chess now only has only two grade category: the level of High School (Grades 9 – 12) and the level of Middle School (Grades 6-8). But contestants from Lower Elementary (Grades K-2) and Higher Elementary (Grades 3-5) can sign up to compete at the Middle School or the High School level.

  • No contestant can participate in the contest of the same category more than once, except for the Poetry Recitation. For example, if a contestant signs up to compete as an individual or in a group in the Singing contest (歌唱比赛), he/she cannot sign up to compete in another group or for another performer even as a background singer or as help with a musical instrument. However, contestants in the Individual Poetry Recitation (个人诗歌朗诵) can participate in a Group Poetry Recitation just once.

  • In order to develop students' ability to participate independently, parents or teachers are prohibited from offering any assistance or hint to the contestants on the side during their competition. Violators will be disqualified.

Contact Information 询问处:
If you have any questions regarding the competition or need more information, please email