Date and Location 举办日期/地点
Date 日期:
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Competition time is 9am – 2:00 pm, followed by a one-hour awards ceremony in the afternoon. (Please see "Schedule 比赛时间表" on the right hand panel for detailed event schedule.)
Location 地点:
Chief Sealth International High School
2600 SW Thistle Street
Seattle, WA 98126
Awards 奖励:
All contestants will receive a gift for their participation in the competition. Awards and scholarships (Cash prize of $50 for individuals, and $100 for team competitions) will be given to the top three performers in each category, division and class. The awards ceremony will be held on the same day as the competition, beginning at 2:00 pm in the Chief Sealth International High School’s auditorium.
Registrration Information
Registration Deadline 报名截止日期:
Monday, March 3, 2014 The registration is first-come-first-serve. No late application will be accepted.
Registration 报名方法:
Please use the Registration page.
Participants will receive an automatic confirmation by email upon completing the registration process.
Registration Fee 报名费:
Registration fee is $5 per person per number of competitions (individual or team) entered (enter one competition is $5, two will be $10, three will be $15, so on and so forth). The fee must be received within 10 days of registration and before the registration deadline, or the registration will be cancelled. The registration fee can be paid on-line by using PayPal or personal checks.

Please make checks payable to CE and mail to the following address:

Chinese Language and Talent Competition
c/o Ms. Yvette Lin
4500 194th Way NE
Sammamish, WA 98074

Remember to include students’ names on the checks. Please also note that registration fee is waived for participants on subsidized school meal plan. To apply, please select the appropriate checkbox at the “Registration” page and mail supporting documents to the address above.

CE and sponsoring organizations welcome donations in excess of the listed registration fee. All proceeds go to support this competition. Thank you for your consideration and help.
Competition Class 比赛分级:
Please note that there are two classes for Individual Language-Based competitions (i.e. Individual Poetry Recitation 个人诗歌朗诵, Story Telling说故事 and Public Speaking演讲). The Competition Class is based on the contestant’s individual language ability (not based on the contestant’s family background or birth of origin). Individual Language-Based competitions are intended for students who are learning Chinese as a second language. We ask that students who studied in schools in Chinese speaking countries and still speak Chinese as a primary language now not sign up.

  • Class A: This class is intended to challenge students with advanced Chinese skills. Students who have studied the language extensively as a second language, and bilingual students who live in a household where Mandarin is the primary language of communication may compete in this class.

  • Class B: This class is designated for students whose Chinese proficiency levels are at beginning to intermediate level. Students who are not yet able to perform complex communicative tasks in Chinese and still find oral presentation a challenge are encouraged to compete under this class.

*** Please note that the judges have the right to promote students whose Chinese language skills are much higher than expected for Class B to again compete in Class A and the scores that they earned in Class B will be voided.

*** For those students who are not sure about which class to register, please consult with their Chinese language teachers or contact the event organizer using the Contact Information below. The list of students who are promoted to compete in Class A will be posted at the administrative office. Please be sure to check the list after completion of the event. Please kindly respect the judges’ decision.
Contact Information 询问处:
For further information or questions regarding the competition, please email