More than 10 years ago, at a corner of a Bellevue middle school cafeteria, a few parents of Chinese Americans after dropping off their kids to the Saturday Chinese language porgam, often sit together and brainstormed on how to bridge cultural gaps for young generations. As the result, CE was born in 2000 and started offering Greater Seattle area teachers a 2-weeks long summer trip each year to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. As we established into an independent non-profit organization in 2008, we also expanded our efforts to other activity in a hope to promote a better understanding of Chinese culture and language.

Today we are happy to announce our fourth annual Washington State Chinese Language and Talent Competition. All K-12 students in this state from public and private schools as well as students from Chinese heritage schools and home tutoring institutes are welcome to participate. We hope this event will provide a venue where students with diverse cultural background can come together to share their knowledge and experience.

  • To acknowledge and reward student and teacher achievements.
  • To help inspire further interests in the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture.
  • To provide a positive venue for students with diverse background to come together to share knowledge and learning experience.
Competition Levels & Categories

We divide the Chinese Talent Competition into following grade levels:

Lower Elementary (Grades K-2) 小学低年级组

Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5) 小学中高年级组

Middle School (Grades 6-8) 初中组

High School (Grades 9-12) 高中组

Here is a list of the availabe competitions:

Group Poetry Recitation 團體詩詞朗誦

Individual Poetry Recitation 個人詩詞朗誦

Group Talent Show 團體才藝競賽

Individual Talent Show 個人才藝競賽

Group Chinese Singing 團體歌唱比賽

Individual Chinese Singing 個人歌唱比賽

Language Art 口语才艺竟赛

Story Telling 說故事

Public Speaking 演講

Drawing 繪畫比賽

Chinese Chess 象棋

China Knowledge Bowl 中國常識競答

The winners will receive certificates from Office of Superintendent of Public Instructions, as well as cash rewards - $50 for individuals and $100 for teams. This event is to provide a venue where students with diverse backgrounds can come together to share their knowledge and learning experience.