Cultural Exploration Tour Focuses
To optimize the tour experience and align with the cultural exchange objective, the trip provides two distinct focuses:
Managed Tour: A commercially managed sightseeing tour to historical landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terra Cotta Warriors and visits to modern cities such as Shanghai and Taipei. It is customized for CE, fast-paced and well structured. The tour guides provide informative narrations on history and geography.
Local Host Family: Host-family sponsored programs provide opportunities to interact with Chinese families, teachers and students on an informal basis. Unlike the sightseeing tour, this emphasizes the understanding of modern day Chinese family living, school systems and cultural exchange. This includes school visits in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. The participating teachers will have an opportunity to exchange teaching philosophies with Chinese educators and conduct teaching demonstration in local schools.
Cultural Exploration Tour Outline
Time & Place: The trip will take place in the summer of 2016: Tentatively from early July through mid July for about two weeks. While every year's trip is planned independently, the trip generally includes major cities such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and Taipei. Other cities may be added depending on each year's focus.
Expenses covered by CE: Airfare, land transportation, lodging & meals. Expenses not covered by CE: personal expenses including but not limited to travel insurance, visa fee, excess baggage charge, telephone expenses, gifts for the host families and tips for tour guides and drivers.
Logistics: Summer in these parts of Asia is extremely hot and humid. Average temperatures easily reach 100 F with 50% or greater humidity. A typical day during the trip involves 12 to 14 hours of activities including travel from place to place on a tour bus. Consideration for the physical and mental preparedness, key to a successful trip in a foreign land, is highly encouraged.
Continuing Education Credits: Several teachers in the past have successfully applied and earned up to 70 clock hours or 7 continuing education credits for the CE Tour through Seattle University. Interested teachers will be responsible for completing the necessary application form and coordinating with CE.
Application: Fill out the online application. Qualified applicants will be notified by email for interview. The application is closed at the end of February each year. The interview is generally conducted in March with tour award decision made by April.